Benefits of Outsourcing Sales: Pipeline, Process, People

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Why Outsource Sales?

Sales is both complicated and simple at the same time.

The goal: sell something.

The method: an unlimited number of options.

It can be overwhelming for a sales team to keep track of, let alone a single salesperson. What strategy do you choose, and why? Do you cold call or send emails? What systems do you use to keep track of everything?

This is where an outsourced sales partner can step in and help.

Reasons to Outsource

1. Expertise

Sales partners are experts at the sales cycle and at keeping track of leads. There are systems and processes that have been honed and proven that are easily implemented by a sales partner, because they’ve done it tens of hundreds of times before.

2. Passion

A business leader is passionate about their company’s mission and product or service. Similarly, sales partners are passionate about the follow-up. Filling up a pipeline is only part of the process – making sure leads don’t fall through the cracks and that all information is gathered (and documented) is just as important.

3. Cost

When hiring an internal sales representative, there is more cost than just salary. Payroll tax, training costs, benefits, and vacations – it all adds up quickly. With a sales partner, your cost is up-front. Training is part of the package, you get a team instead of a single salesperson, and there is a tried-and-true process already in place so you can get started as soon as possible.

4. Additional Support

Sales partners bring more to the table than just sales. Integrated into the partnership is sales support, strategy planning, options for marketing assistance and, if you’ve got a really great partner, operations support. Imagine – you can keep track of all your leads, choose a proven strategy, collect valuable data, and approach sales from multiple angles, all without having to put your valuable time into researching options and expensive implementation.

Preparing to Find a Partner

While there are many sales partners to choose from, making the right choice requires asking yourself a few questions.

What Do You Need?

Do you need more operational support than sales support? Is your marketing nonexistent? Pinpoint the challenges that need to be addressed by a potential sales partner.

What Do You Want?

What results do you want when addressing those needs? What are your goals? Is it uncovering a certain number of leads or is it creating a robust system that keeps track of all your sales activities and leads?

Additionally, what is working “okay” but could be better? Marketing optimization, pitch improvement? Identify your “nice-to-haves” in addition to your goals.

What Can You Afford?

Once you’ve got your needs, wants, and goals laid out, it will be easier to evaluate the offerings of potential sales partners. You can find out specifically how much money is required to address your needs, meet your goals, and help get you your “nice-to-haves.”

Finding a Partner

You’ve outlined your needs and considered the positive impact outsourcing sales can have, and now you want to find a partner. While there are many out there, we at BDPros are especially proud of the three-sided system we’ve developed after years of experience in the industry.

A triangle is the most stable shape in the world. No matter where the pressure comes from, it’s distributed equally between all sides.

Our triangle consists of marketing, sales, and operations, all playing an equally important role in distributing pressure and working toward a goal. We have repeatable, transferable, and scalable processes that have been proven again and again in our successful partnerships and has led to millions of dollars in pipeline development and sales.

Let’s talk about it.

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