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Deconstructing Storytelling: Why Your Brand Story is Boring

In Best Practices, Marketing, Sales by Marita Peterson

It’s a problem plaguing companies all around the world: how to write a compelling brand story. There are articles upon articles about it, giving the same tips on how to make a story better, but they don’t really go into why they are making the suggestions they are. That’s where we come in. Let’s explore in Part 2 in our Deconstructing Storytelling series. Why do so many stories …

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Deconstructing Storytelling

In BDPros News, Marketing by Marita Peterson

Storytelling is one of the hottest business topics today, next to “data-driven decision making” and “machine learning.” The advice you find is pretty standard and there’s nothing wrong with “make it personal” and “make it emotionally compelling” – in fact, those are key aspects of effective storytelling. But as you look around blogs and LinkedIn, reading emotionally compelling brand story after emotionally compelling brand story, it starts to …