Engineering/Safety Services 2

An engineering safety services company wanted to hunt direct business but struggled due to turnover in the sales team, no true CRM, and no consistency in sales and marketing. One of their biggest concerns was that BDPros would not be able to bring in enough pipeline or sales to justify the cost. By the end of year one, BDPros had broken even and had even more deals in the pipeline.

After three years of partnership, Business Development Pros built a pipeline worth over $6.5 million and closed over $1 million in sales for the client.


BDPros built and managed the client's sales processes, implementing sales tools to make them scalable and repeatable.


We identified hurdles with the direct sales model and suggested pursuing distribution targets, leading to significantly more success.


BDPros identified gaps in marketing collateral for the sales team and created 5 new pieces to help express the value of the client's services.


We attended trade shows as the client's team, collecting data, uploading leads, and managing multi-channel outreach to prospects before, during, and after the show.


Hunting direct business was made difficult because many of the client's targets were larger manufacturers who already had distributors providing them options and selling to them.

The client had no repeatable or scalable sales processes prior to partnering with Business Development Pros, leading to poorer outcomes for the client.

Their sales and marketing efforts were out of sync as they lacked consistency, were outdated, and did not properly represent the client's true capabilities.

With no CRM, the client lacked transparency and the ability to properly track data relating to deals, accounts, contacts, or sales activities.


We built and managed sales processes and suggested creating specific sales tools to help our opportunities for direct sales and through distribution.

We created multiple pieces of marketing collateral that highlighted the different abilities and strengths of the client to grow partnerships and facilitate sales.

We provided trade show support by managing marketing email campaigns pre- and post-show, attending trade shows as members of the client's team, and uploading/managing any leads and data from them.

Once the direct sales model proved difficult, we suggested changing the sales process to a distribution model to increase success.

While BDPros still continues hunting direct accounts, we also lead strategy and execution of the client's national distribution network.

We began hunting new distribution opportunities, qualifying them, and selling the relationship by explaining the benefits of working with the client as the supplier.

We trained and managed those relationships through pipeline updates, technical sales support, finance options/flexibility, lunch-and-learns, pitching new ideas, and in some cases bringing leads directly to distributors.


The company's strong partnership with BDPros and our integration into their sales team has led to major improvements in their overall sales process and strategy and led to stronger relationships with their distribution partners.


The client has over $1.6 million in closed opportunities over 4 years of partnership with BDPros.


After engaging with BDPros, the client worked with companies such as: GE Aviation, Bridgestone, Ocean Spray, and Coca Cola.


Over the length of the partnership, BDPros has built the client's pipeline to over $6.5 million in new opportunities.


The client's average annual investment of $55,000 resulted in over $650,000 in top-line revenue annually.

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