Year-End Wrap-up & Looking Ahead

In BDPros News by Marita Peterson

The past year has been a whirlwind for us here at BDPros. We’re closing out with our best year yet and looking forward to more success with the dynamic, enthusiastic crew we’ve gathered.

What We’ve Done

While BDPros has been busy the entire year, there are a few things that really stand out for us as a company and that really exemplify the success we’ve had.

Supported our clients in trade shows throughout the country (Las Vegas and California in November sure were nice)

We executed a lot of pre- and post-show outreach, gathered prospect information in one place, and made sure it was followed up on in a timely manner.

Launched our new website

It’s modern and has a lot more detail on the services we offer. It even has a dedicated spot for our case studies!

Built millions in pipeline across all our clients

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we cultivated interest in our clients’ products and services

Sold a heck of a lot

For our clients and ourselves!

Developed new collateral (sell sheets and case studies galore!)

They really lay out our capabilities much better.

Expanded our offerings (our copilot program is going strong)

We have multiple clients implementing our copilot program. Being able to support the sales team by capturing data and putting it where it needs to be is invaluable, and our clients find that it’s much easier to herd cats when you hire expert cat herders (hint: we’re the cat herders).

Updated our sales presentation (it’s very fancy now)

It also really highlights how we’ve grown, what we’ve learned, and what we offer.

Produced and presented webinars

We love teaching what we’ve learned! We even pass out practical tools and additional information after each webinar.

Grew our team (operations and marketing and sales, oh my!)

The team members we’ve hired, the experience we’ve gained, and the trials and successes we’ve all had together have only strengthened us and our sales-marketing-operations triangle.

Created and deployed so many e-mail campaigns

So many different types of campaigns as well! Marketing, sales, newsletters, you name it.

Looking to 2022

It’s hard to quantify the number of things we’ve learned and the ways in which we’ve been able to put it all to work. Our productivity has gone way up, our teammates have grown professionally, and we’ve been able to deliver more value than ever before.

Reviewing the Past Year

Quantitative data is just as important as qualitative. On a more granular level, we’re looking through the data from the past year that tells the story of how we did. How many goals were met, what areas of improvement were unearthed, and what challenges we faced and overcame – all of that is reflected in the numbers.

Identifying Improvements

We can identify where we need to supplement sales activities with marketing campaigns, see what additional data we can collect, reflect on the efficiency of our processes, and see where improvements could be made. Any clogs in pipelines are illuminated and solved for and our plans are refined.

Planning for the Future

Together, we use all of that information to look to the future, create our plans, decide our goals, and set our KPIs. Part of our process is to log all of our activity and notes into our CRM, so we get to spend less time digging up numbers and more time really developing more realistic, data-informed goals.

How We Do It

All of this is accomplished because we capture as much data as we can, keep it clean, keep it organized, and have learned through the years how best to use that data for storytelling.

Data has been the theme for BDPros, the thread woven into everything we do for ourselves and for our clients, and its importance throughout the business world is only growing.

Through it all, we’re glad we’ve been able to share our data expertise and knowledge to bring our clients success – now and in the future.

Here’s to a great 2022!

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