Engineering/Safety Services 1

A provider of LOTO Engineered Services was seeking to increase revenue through the location and education of qualified prospects.

Upon partnering with Business Development Pros, the company significantly increased their outreach efforts through integrating BDPros' staff into the sales team and implementing key process changes.


BDPros provided more than half of the company’s sales force.


The company was acquired by a billion-dollar corporation, and a corporate partnership agreement was put into place between BDPros and the acquiring company.


As a rapidly growing and cutting-edge provider of Engineered Services, BDPros was a critical part of the company's sales process.


BDPros worked with the new owners’ engineers & internal sales staff, driving revenue to relaunch the company’s service offerings within its distribution network.


The integration of the company into a new corporate structure was initially a slow process.

The communication between engineering and sales was not effectively collaborative, due in part because of the inefficient and ineffective CRM usage.

The corporation's distribution network was underleveraged and undereducated on the company's offerings.

The corporation had enough engineers to provide services to clients but limited internal staff for initial client interaction and education/collaboration with key distributors.

Limited internal administrative resources at the company proved problematic for task assignments, management of incoming prospect requests, and dissemination of completed quotes.


BDPros implemented its sales management procedures and processes to provide support in all necessary areas, including several key initiatives:

Overhauling the company's CRM, including extensive data cleanup and working with administrative staff to formulate, implement, and maintain effective and strategic CRM usage.

Generating procedures and processes to ensure timelines for incoming requests and outgoing proposals were adhered to.

Overseeing outreach to relaunch partnerships with various distribution networks.

Providing in-person and digital training and education on the company's service offerings at various summits across the country.

Managing sales operations of 4 regions within the United States as well as Canada and other international relationships.

Maintaining relationships with key distributors through strategic outreach and monthly check-ins.



The company successfully continued outbound sales efforts through the acquisition process and shifted their focus to distribution. Post-acquisition and since the implementation of BDPros sales management processes, the company has experienced:


An increase in annual revenue from 2.1 million to 7 million dollars in closed business.


A full CRM cleanup including the reassignment and maintenance of 95% of contacts and leads providing the ability for more strategic and thoughtful outreach.

Newsales processes

Creation of redefined sales processes and procedures ensuring the sales and engineering teams can effectively collaborate.


Increased brand awareness within distribution networks from training and support efforts


An increase in known distributor engagement of 46% within an individual point of contact for sales support in each of the company’s regions.

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