Marketing Support

It's no secret that marketing and sales need to have cohesive messaging and collaborate effectively to be successful in business development. By utilizing marketing tools to help drive sales messaging and value propositions, people can streamline the experience with their services or products and understand what makes you stand out. As a business development agency, we understand how to drive growth through initiatives and offer our clients turnkey solutions to create and utilize marketing tools during the sales process.

Initiative, growth, value propositions, and streamlining sales and marketing all work together.

Marketing Operations

Your team at BDPros is equipped to support your direct marketing efforts. We can plug into your existing marketing team or act as your consultant to make recommendations to improve traction and sales. Designing marketing strategies that support sales efforts and bring in leads combined with optimizing how sales engages with those leads is a key to success. We utilize the most successful marketing tactics for your industry and target audience.

Email Campaign Management

From managing your email campaigns to putting together a comprehensive calendar of targeted outreach, we work with you to drive results. Once we have those results, our team uses the recipient activity to capture the attention of prospects when your brand is at the top of their mind.

Asset Creation, Content Writing & Graphic Design

The success of your sales process is dependent upon the tools within your tool belt. While there are many talented marketing agencies out there to help you with branding and image, BDPros is ready to meet you where you are at. We can support your outbound efforts by creating visuals that are impactful to your target audience.

Project Profiles
Capabilities Worksheets
Competitive Analysis
White Papers
Blogs & Landing Pages

Social Media Prospecting and Follow Up

As a complement to our sales support and marketing outreach, we also offer social media prospecting. There are many excellent tools out there to take your prospecting to the next level and the BDPros team can help you manage that process.