Software as a Service

BDPros started partnerships with multiple clients offering software as a service in a wide variety of industries, taking opportunities from prospecting all the way to close.

BDPros assisted SaaS companies in building pipelines of qualified new business, supporting marketing efforts through multiple channels, and collecting key information prior to in-depth technical conversations.



The client companies had technical experts doing customer outreach with little success as they were not trained sales professionals.


Many companies did not have targeted marketing pieces to highlight the key features of the software as a service being offered.


Various clients had little to no outbound sales processes, leading to inefficiencies in prospecting and loss of opportunities.


BDPros penetrated Fortune 500 companies to build millions of dollars worth of pipelines across a variety of industries.

BDPros developed customized sales and marketing effort that included strategic email campaigns and call follow-up.

BDPros assisted in all stages of the sales process including running demonstrations and writing and delivering proposals.

BDPros protected the time of client technical experts by holding high-level technical conversations to convey value and better qualify prospects before bringing in the experts.

BDPros gathered key information from prospects ahead of in-depth technical conversations with client-side experts.



The client companies could focus on closing sales and onboarding new customers instead of spending technical experts' valuable time prospecting new opportunities.

Complianceto various federal laws

BDPros developed expertise in Federal compliance laws, allowing for more qualified prospects and building trust between clients and prospects in early stages of outreach.

SUCCESSin market penetration

BDPros made contact with and developed pipelines with companies of all markets and revenues, including multiple Fortune 500 companies.

$1,000,000+lifetime opportunity

Closed opportunities worth over $1,000,000 in annual recurring revenue across a multiple different industries.

2 TO 3qualified meetings per week

Set an average of 2-3 qualified meetings a week for SaaS companies across various verticals and industries.

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