BDPros Trade Show Support

In Best Practices by Marshall Mueller

The Purpose

Companies invest in the growth of their pipeline and revenue by creating large budgets for marketing initiatives and events, with a large portion of that spend oftentimes allocated towards trade shows – whether exhibiting or attending.

Trade shows are widely considered one of the most useful channels to meet new business partners and clients, regardless of industry. These post-pandemic times have seen trade shows make a dramatic return, with companies increasing their budgets for such events to ensure the brand makes a memorable impression on their target audience.

The Problem

With a higher budget comes increased scrutiny. Time is the most valuable asset for everyone, but especially so for top producers and drivers within the company ranks, making it even more likely your best resources won’t be available for shows while they’re busy closing business or managing current customer relationships.

This leads us to our first set of problems.

Have you ever walked past a booth at a show and the company rep is eating lunch?

Or scrolling on their phone?

Or joking with their coworker?

Unfortunately, expectations for these events are not always met with internal efforts. But those resources can still be valuable to the company and to the sales process.

The Risk

Sales and marketing leaderships is pressured no more than ever to provide detailed, quantitative reporting to their leadership on the success of the show and its ROI.

Without proper plans and analytical reporting, presenting information back to the powers-that-be becomes lackluster:

  • “The show was great! Lots of foot traffic!”
  • “We have a ton of leads!”
  • “Some strong conversations!”

Or, even worse:

  • “Slow show this year…”
  • “Not many visitors…”

Protecting your investment with trade show exhibiting or attendance is a delicate topic. Marrying feelings with data is often overlooked by companies that spend large sums of money on trade shows.

So, how do you close the gap?

BDPros Solutions

It all starts with the plan. For over 14 years, BDPros has partnered with B2B companies to drive pipeline and revenue growth. Consulting with companies on trade show sales and marketing management is fundamental to our mission.

Through our methods, clients have seen millions of dollars of pipeline and revenue with our partnerships, and you can rest assured that this isn’t our first rodeo.

Services include but are not limited to:

Sales and Marketing Strategy Consultation

This package is built for those that already have the resources but need help outlining trade show best practices/strategies to get the best ROI on their company’s investment.


  • Two (2) 1-hour sessions with our Sales, Marketing, and Operations strategists to talk through the different aspects of the show and give suggestions and tools to help plan their most effective trade show to date.
  • Cost: $1,500 one-time payment

Marketing Strategy and Support

Built for those that want to incorporate the best practice strategies and tools for planning, but also need help executing marketing before, during, and after the show.

A minimum of 90 days before and 90 days after the show has concluded, strong content is produced by our team and approved by yours. We’ll use introductions from the trade show as a catalyst for new business opportunities.


  • Content Writing: Number of pieces and frequency of outreach customized
  • CRM: Custom reporting and dashboards built within your existing CRM, built by our team and owned by you
  • Cost: $7,500 – $15,000 one-time payment

With over 13 years of experience across multiple industries, BDPros has seen the important role that trade shows play in generating pipeline growth for ourselves and clients.

To learn more about how we can help plan and execute your next exhibition, contact us today.