For Consultants

As a business development agency, we focus on building your client’s full range of process needs. BDPros is a seamless integration to your team, working alongside you to execute your plan and deliver quality results to your clients. BDPros has successfully partnered with business consultants to work alongside them and provide value & resources to meet the client’s needs.

Benefits of Working With BDPros

Our time is spent collaborating with you and your client to be a resource where you need it most. With multi-layer expertise and a professional and flexible nature, we offer high quality sales and marketing support - keeping your goals and objectives top of mind.

Comprehensive approach to ensure sales, marketing and operations are working in unison to achieve growth.

Ability to take the sales process from research/prospecting to negotiation and closing.

Millions of dollars closed for our clients.

Over 11 years of experience in B2B sales with a proven track record of success across a wide variety of industries.

Expertise in building out distribution channels.