Solar Services

A commercial solar energy company was looking for assistance with new business development. Growing their pipeline and building better processes to support their sales efforts was a key goal for them.

The partnership withBusiness Development Pros led to the company growing their pipeline of properly qualified prospects with strategic market research and targeted outbound prospecting via various channels.



The client’s company had Project Managers that were doing customer outreach with little success.


While the employees were subject matter experts in Solar Energy, they were not trained sales professionals.


The client’s company had no active CRM to track and report on outreach and opportunities.


The management of business activities was difficult due to lack of leadership and accountability.


BDPros built and secured a pipeline of new business for Project Managers to take qualified leads and sell through a technical conversation about potential catalysts and ROI.

BDPros developed a customized sales and marketing effort that included strategic email campaigns and follow-up calls.

Industry and region specific market research to identify top prospects was conducted by the BDPros operations team.

A custom CRM was set upfor the company to track all activities, opportunities, and outreach, setting the company up for future success and providing the ability to forecast accurately.

Outbound prospecting and opportunity follow-up was tracked and completed by a team of Business Development Managers at BDPros.



The client company was able to continue internal organizational efforts while the outbound activity was completed and logged by the BDPros team. Through a roughly 2-year partnership, we were able to achieve:

90new businesses

A pipeline of 90 new businesses was built, made up primarily of healthcare companies, large manufacturers, major universities and colleges, and utilities and municipalities.

fourclosed deals

Four new opportunities were closed for commercial solar installation, one of which was a major regional healthcare provider, opening the door for additional locations.

$30,000,000in opportunities

BDPros built a qualified pipeline with a value totaling $30,000,000 in qualified opportunities.

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