New month, new website, new look!

In BDPros News by Marita Peterson

BDPros has grown a lot as a company over the past 11 years. From one person in his garage to a team of people in beautiful Bay View, a lot has changed. Our function over form has worked exceptionally well for our clients and for ourselves thus far, but it’s time to make form match function.

As the New Year approaches (two more months!) and as the world wakes back up, our company has grown to a point where we are able to dust our exterior off and make our image match who we have become and who we are now.

This is our “Hello, World” and we’re excited to share it with you.

Through our years of trials and triumphs, we’ve really mastered what it means to grow a business and make a brand. For us, that has meant upholding our core values of integrity, accountability, and transparency. We do what we say we are going to do with true transparency. We’ve learned to be humble and solution-focused and we know the importance of having our partners with us every step of the way. We don’t operate in the shadows with our clients, and now it’s time to shine a little bit of that spotlight on ourselves.

The New – What’s Changed?

Just this year (and the past few), we’ve expanded our office, our client base, our industry expertise, and our team. Our golden trio of Marketing, Operations, and Sales is refreshed and energized, on the same page with the same goal, and working together to get our name, our brand, and our message out to you.

We’ve unveiled a new website and dusted off our brand, added new services – check out our Copilot Program – and refreshed the “Who We Are” marketing collateral. We’re writing more case studies – both for existing areas of success and the new successes and expertise gathered – and we’re getting involved. Take a look around our new website and get ready for a lot more engagement from BDPros.