Sales Support

From prospecting to account management to closing sales, our team works tirelessly to represent your brand as knowledgeable professionals who build and execute your sales process generating sales pipeline growth. Our clients all have unique needs and we understand how to bring best practices and custom workflow solutions to seamlessly integrate with your team.

Inside Sales & Lead Generation

This team is made up of sales “hunters” that proactively connect with your target market.

All prospecting activity is captured in a centralized CRM and updated with live data.

We utilize multi-channel outreach to connect and qualify prospects to create a pipeline of potential revenue.

We sell as an internal employee - providing seamless interaction with potential clients from start to finish.

Our teams work to ensure accurate follow up on interested prospects to move them through the pipeline proactively.


Outside Sales & Sales Representation

We work with lead generation or marketing functions to overcome objections and take qualified opportunities through close. We have driven millions of dollars of closed business for our clients.

Consistent follow-up from qualified lead handoff.

We have the ability to negotiate and use our experience to close deals.

Subject matter building expertise that allows us to consult with prospective clients and develop solutions that meet their expectations.

Utilization of sales support to maximize opportunity conversion. We know when to bring in your internal resources to make the best use of their time.


Sales Process Management

We draw from our extensive experience to help guide your sales process and workflow to peak efficiency to get the results you want for your business.

The success of your business is how we measure our own. That’s why we focus on making your sales and outreach program run efficiently and successfully. From building, organizing, and maintaining your internal communications to managing your outreach efforts, we’re here to help create a well-oiled sales machine by offering the following services:

Sales Team Recruitment
Sales Team Management
Collaboration to formulate strategy
Review of analytics to enhance strategic planning

Distribution Channels

BDPros has helped develop and launch complex distribution sales channels. Understanding roles and responsibility throughout those channels is key to success. From launching a new product or services to managing multiple territories and finding new distribution, our team has dedicated resources to drive sales through distribution channels.

Distribution Channel Services

We have a track record of excellent execution within various industries. We understand that sometimes being a dedicated partner to a multi-faceted organization requires travel and in-market meetings. We are happy to offer these services as an option to be included in any package or in our copilot program.

If you work through distribution now or have wondered how to create those channels, we can help! Contact us here to request a complimentary consultation to talk with one of our business development architects.

Monthly/Weekly Cadence Calls with Territory
Pipeline Checkdowns & Maintenance
Regional Mapping and Planning
In-Market Presentations and Support
Expansion Campaigns for New Partnerships