A chemical manufacturing company was looking to grow and gain more visibility into its multiple US territories, including increasing its direct sale customers, growing the distribution network, and prospecting on behalf of its distribution partners.

The partnership with Business Development Pros led to the company significantly increasing its outreach, distribution footprint, client-distributor relationships, and an increase in efficiency and effectiveness of the overall sales process.

Some key areas that Business Development Pros helped grow and improve are:


Business Development Pros was a key part of pipeline management for multiple United States territories.


The company now has the ability to pull accurate reports and forecasts due to the CRM overhaul and data capturing process development.


The distribution footprint of the company has grown significantly, leading to more business and greater brand awareness through its various distribution partners.


Trade shows are more effective due to pre-show outreach and the lead and data capture process implemented and facilitated by BDPros.


The company had difficulty keeping track of and organizing contacts, accounts, and activities, and having no standardized data capturing process led to an inability to pull reports and forecast sales.

The company struggled to find new business opportunities and navigate the sales process due to ineffective pipeline management and lack of oversight, which led to losses from deals falling through the cracks.

Trade shows were ineffectual and ROI unmeasurable with disorganized data and no lead capture or follow-up strategy. There was little to no pre-show outreach or organization of at-show meetings, and actual lead follow-up was nonexistent.

The distribution footprint and coverage visibility were lacking within the United States, resulting in the inability to close gaps and effectively sell to large areas of the country.



BDPros worked directly with distribution partners and Regional Sales Managers to prospect daily, convert opportunities, drive sales, and ensured the process was maintained.

Regularly identified and made outreach to potential distribution partners and end-users for direct sales or for distributor partners to grow distributor relationships.

National sales meetings were attended with company leadership to discuss larger national opportunities in collaboration with Regional Sales Managers, and to showcase strategy and measurement across goals.

Pipeline management processes were implemented and weekly meetings with Regional Sales Managers ensured activity and opportunity data was properly captured, leading to more accurate forecasting and greater overall visibility.

Multiple projects were conducted to map the locations of current customers and prospects, top distributors and their coverage areas, and a top prospect's multiple locations to identify distribution coverage.

CRM naming conventions for accounts and contacts were standardized, with proper parent-child mapping, deduplication, and data cleansing of 12,000+ contacts conducted for better organization.


The company’s strong partnership with BDPros and our integration into their sales team has led to major improvements in their overall sales process and strategy, and stronger relationships with distributor partners.

ANNUALrecurring revenue

An increase in direct annual revenue to over $1.5 million with annual revenue increases of hundreds of thousands of dollars for distributor partners.


Found, qualified, and converted nine new distributor partners within the United States territories.


Standardized and cleaned over 12,000 account and contact records, including parent-child mapping, data appends, and deduplication.

STRATEGYtrade shows & sales

Developed, presented, and executed strategy for more effective trade show processes, sales strategy for national opportunities, and meeting growth and retention goals.


Mapped coverage for major distributors, top customers, and key prospects to better understand territory potential and identify areas of need.

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