BDPros for Safety Services Providers

Machine and electrical safety services, as well as EHS software firms, are a huge part of our current and historical client base. Our understanding of OSHA and 70E requirements allows us to expertly navigate discussions with potential customers so our partners don’t have to spend time trying to qualify prospects.

At our core, we are a business development agency focused on integrating sales, marketing, and operations. We are experts on and assist clients with developing, implementing, or strengthening sales processes, building sustainable pipeline growth, and closing deals for our safety services clients. Our marketing arm helps drive specific, sales-targeted messaging, awareness, and brand, leading to greater market share and trust with our safety services partners.

We have a unique skillset in safety, and millions of dollars in sales to prove it.

Sales Team Struggles

Are you cycling through inexperienced salespeople who don’t perform? Are you sick of recruiting, hiring, and training only to be disappointed? Are you losing out on opportunities because you are splitting your time and expertise? Do you wish you had a knowledgable sales team instead of a sales person?

Full Sales Support

When you work with BDPros, you work with a team well-versed in the safety services industry. Our subject matter expertise means we can do everything from prospecting and thorough qualification to taking meetings, quoting opportunities, and closing deals if you need it.

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Missing Marketing

Do you have all the sales tools you need to properly and efficiently communicate your value to prospects? Are you reaching out on multiple channels to potential buyers with targeted, personalized content? How do you educate prospects on what you bring to the table and differentiate yourself from competitors?

Content and Collateral

We have in-house designers experienced with creating sell sheets, line cards, and educational documents in the safety services industry to quickly communicate value to prospects, and our content writers will put together effective, targeted email content for connecting with prospects you’re missing out on.

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Messy Pipeline

Do you know how much money slips through the cracks due to messy pipelines, missed follow-ups, and lack of information? Are you able to forecast sales accurately? How do you keep track of past customers and timing for reaching back out when it’s time for a new Arc Flash study or safety audit?

Pipeline Management

Our process ensures data is entered into CRMs in a timely manner, and we conduct regular pipeline audits for quality control. We make sure there are clear next steps and next step dates with reminders and notes to guide the conversation, so there are no more misses when following up on opportunities.

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Building Distribution Relationships

Many of our safety services partners work alongside electrical distributors to build awareness and growth, so the concept of white-labeled business isn't new. We have experience with both sourcing distributors and working alongside them to drive new opportunities, strengthening the client-distributor relationships.

We also have experience managing distributors and supporting their opportunities through giving presentations both live and virtually in client meetings, trainings, or at trade/safety shows.

Subject Matter Experts

We’re no stranger to selling various safety services. Our depth of knowledge makes it easy for us to connect with prospects to sell safety training, LOTO, arc flash, confined space, and machine safety services.

We understand the challenges organizations face with all aspects of OSHA 1910.147 and can help them reach compliance through our partners’ offerings.

Our experience with 70E requirements as it pertains to OSHA 1910.301-399 and what is needed to maintain a compliant electrical program is how we’ve closed hundreds of arc flash studies and electrical trainings with companies in manufacturing, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and metal and mining.

We can naturally represent safety firms as a member of your team, with genuine subject matter expertise, which makes us a natural fit for safety services companies. Our industry knowledge in the markets our partners have done well and see growth in is unmatched.

Safety Sales Success

Over our 12+ year history, BDPros has worked with many different safety services companies, from 6 billion dollar companies with international reach to niche firms that service smaller regions of the United States.

We incorporate strategic initiatives, multi-channel sales outreach, and over a decade of solid experience selling for safety services. We’ve closed tens of millions in LOTO implementations, audits, and trainings with many different companies, including large organizations like Toyota, Boeing, Cardinal Glass, Georgia Pacific, Chobani, and many more. Our sales efforts have grown the revenue of some sales partners enough that larger competitors acquired them.

We understand how to leverage initial projects and turn them into long-term, repeat clients. We have a proven history of building millions of dollars in initial opportunities for our partners and hundreds of millions in long-term value by helping our clients become the service partner of choice for multiple offerings over time.

Sales is not by chance. Our unique experience and positioning are what make us such a dangerous partner for growth-minded safety firms who understand the long-term value and developing lasting relationships with end-users and distributors.

Why Outsource?

Why waste your time searching for prospects and hunting them down when that time could be spent strategizing, having qualified meetings, and growing relationships with new and existing clients?

Maximize Your Business Development

Along with growing your revenue, our sales support creates efficiencies that reduce operational costs and maximize your bottom line. BDPros was developed to maximize your sales potential while saving you time and allowing you to focus on your business. Our services will help you reduce operational costs and minimize risk.

No need to hire internal staff, eliminating the lengthy hiring process and the cost of hiring, training, and retaining top talent.

Sharing our sales and marketing knowledge and expertise with your team can help spark internal growth and success.

Avoid operational inefficiencies such as attrition and skills gaps.

Our diverse sales force allows you to leverage a variety of backgrounds and skills without the cost of employing a team of that size.

We work with you and your team in improving relationships with strategic partnerships like key distributors.


Focus On What You Do Best

While the sales process doesn’t change from client to client, our approach and how we support you does.

We confidently sell as your salespeople, freeing up your time and resources.

We identify areas of your internal structure that may need adjustment to keep you ahead of the game.

Our fee-for-service structured business provides you the opportunity to identify key areas of your business that could use our expertise.

We become a part of your team to make our relationship as seamless as possible.

Everything we do is unique to your business and tailored to the industries you target as a safety services company.