BDPros for Marketing & Creative Agencies

As a company, we have over 12 years of experience selling for creative services and marketing agencies. From businesses with wide, national reach to those that target smaller niche industries, we've helped build pipelines, expand services, develop projects into long-term clients, and break into new markets.

Sales Team Struggles

Are you cycling through inexperienced sales people who don't perform? Are you sick of recruiting, hiring, and training only to be disappointed? Do you wish you had a sales team instead of a sales person?

Full Sales Support

When you work with BDPros, you get a team of sales reps with experience in the marketing and creative services industry who do the prospecting and qualification, an account manager capable of proposal writing and closing deals if you need it, and operations & supplemental marketing support.

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Unqualified Meetings

Are you wasting your time and the time of the subject matter experts on your team with unqualified meetings? Could your time be better spent doing what you're best at instead of struggling through prospecting?

Quality over Quantity

When we prospect for you, we have skin in the game. Before we even set a meeting we make sure to ask a series of qualification questions, ensuring prospects meet the qualification criteria you set, and when we set up the meeting we ask discovery questions so your team goes into the meeting prepared.

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Messy Pipeline

Do you know how much money you're letting slip through the cracks due to a messy pipeline and poor follow-up? How do you forecast opportunities with incomplete data? How do your teams collaborate?

Pipeline Management

Our process ensures data is entered into CRMs in a timely manner and we conduct regular pipeline audits for quality control. We make sure there are clear next steps and next step dates with reminders and notes to guide conversation so there are no more misses when it comes to following up on opportunities.

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Sales Support for Marketing & Creative Services

With expert sales experience in the creative services and marketing space, we offer a full suite of sales support services to our clients. For many of the agencies that partner with us, we are with them every step of the way in the sales cycle. From prospecting to proposal writing to closing, we have the knowledge and experience to skillfully manage the entire sales process entirely or collaborate with your internal team.

We have represented a large variety of marketing and creative services agencies in the past whose ideal prospect ranged from a broad, national audience to agencies with niche targets. Our well-rounded experience as a business development company playing in multiple industries carries over to our work with the marketing and creative services agencies we're lucky enough to call our partners.

We know how to adjust messaging to different industries, different ideal customer personas, and how to pivot on a dime to really discover what areas of opportunity there are with a prospect and how our client can meet those needs and fill those gaps. We find the opportunities and put them in your hands.

Operations Support for Marketing & Creative Services

Our experience in operations support for our marketing and creative services agencies is wide-ranging as well. We have customized CRMs, imported data, cleansed databases, created sales processes and workflows, gave CRM training, procured and appended data, helped manage pipelines, build reporting systems to increase accuracy of forecasting, and more.

If you've ever found yourself looking at an incorrect pipeline, bad data, a CRM riddled with holes and mistakes, a pocket full of business cards, or a lack of CRM entirely, we can support you and find the best solution to meet your needs. We're experts at finding and integrating technology, and our special experience in Marketing & Creative Services means we know what works in your industry and have implemented it before.

Supplemental Sales-Focused Marketing Support

Integrating sales, operations, and marketing is key to success when it comes to business development of any kind, and that doesn't change when it comes to marketing and creative services agencies. We collaborate and work alongside your team of industry experts, creating messaging and sales-focused emails that match your brand voice and aesthetic.

Our marketing arm functions as a part of sales and operations, tracking impact of marketing and sales efforts and ensuring verbiage is consistent and effective. Our primary focus with marketing assistance is in initiative-based email marketing to segmented prospect lists, but in a pinch we can also create content that matches your style. We'll fill in the gaps as needed while you're busy doing amazing work for your clients.

Why Outsource?

Why waste your time searching for prospects and hunting them down when you could spend it on strategizing, having qualified meetings, and growing relationships with new and existing clients?

Maximize Your Business Development

Along with growing your revenue, our sales support creates efficiencies that reduce operational costs and maximize your bottom line. BDPros was developed to maximize your sales potential while saving you time and allowing you to focus on your business. Our services will help you reduce operational costs and minimize risk.

No need to hire internal staff, eliminating the lengthy hiring process and the cost of hiring, training, and retaining top talent.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise with your team can help spark internal growth and success.

Avoid operational inefficiencies such as attrition and skills gaps.

Our perse sales force allows you to leverage a variety of backgrounds and skills without the cost of employing a team of that size.

We work with you and your team in improving relationships with strategic partners.


Focus On What You Do Best

While the sales process doesn’t change from client to client, our approach and how we support you does.

We confidently sell as your salespeople, freeing up your time and resources.

We identify areas of your internal structure that may need adjustment to keep you ahead of the game.

Our fee-for-service structured business provides you the opportunity to identify key areas of your business that could use our expertise.

We become a part of your team to make our relationship as seamless as possible.

Everything we do is unique to your business.