When you hire BDPros you will succeed in building your pipeline! They set us up with several qualified meetings that resulted in business for us. They are exceptional and we highly recommend them.

Dawn O. - Logistics

I am very happy with BDPros. We don’t have time nor are we experts at sales. Our core focus is project management and problem solving. BDPros’ focus is on sales. We do what we do best and let them do what they do best. It’s a win for everyone.

Paul M. - Industrial Engineering

BDPros has been our primary sales and business development partner for the last seven years. When we first hired BDPros we were a small, independent engineering firm that did not want the burden of hiring and managing an internal sales staff. Today we are part of a 6 billion dollar organization, and we still rely on BDPros for all of our business development needs.

They record all of their sales activity and send out weekly reports so we always know where we are at from a sales perspective. They have helped our company land multiple, multi-million dollar projects and consistently meet or exceed sales goals. We are able to send BDPros around the country to help train and support our distribution channel, participate as key-note speakers for various seminars and events, and represent our brand at trade shows and expos. What we get from BDPros could not be duplicated by hiring a few internal sales people. The level of accountability, the lack of need to manage, and their consistent performance makes BDPros a trusted and reliable partner.

John J. - Engineering Services

BDPros has been my primary sales development partner for four and half years. They have grown from strictly making appointments, to a full service sales team. The consistent level and quality of activity and focus cannot be duplicated by the one or two sales people I could have on staff. I highly recommend BDPros.

Jim K. - Creative Services