Manufacturing Services

A machine manufacturer with global reach was struggling to find new business and generate additional business from current clients.

The BDPros team was initially tasked with following up on customers who had agreements in place to buy parts at a discounted rate and had not made a purchase in a year or more

After having success reconnecting with those clients, the BDPros sales team also began:


Initiating parts agreements with customers who did not already have one.


Upselling current clients for project management and virtual services.


Selling new machines and equipment to brand new prospects as well as upgraded machines to previous customers.



The company’s current client data was disorganized with some client agreements only existing on paper documents.


Client contact information was outdated and stored in several locations.


The company was in the process of building a CRM system but was not near implementation; proving problematic for effective outreach and correspondence tracking.


Information obtained in the field by sales was not properly transferred to internal staff for system updates.


BDPros implemented its sales process management procedures and processes to provide support in all necessary areas.
Bi-weekly meetings were organized between key members of the client’s company and the BDPros sales teams to foster a more collaborative environment.
An extensive data cleanup was completed by the BDPros team to ensure proper assignment and tagging of leads, clients, and open items.
The BDPros team set up and implemented a separate and new CRM system for use in sales efforts while the client continued to build out their internal system.
The teams worked together to generate procedures and processes to ensure timelines were met for incoming requests and outgoing orders.


The client company could continue internal organizational efforts while outbound sales activity was completed and logged by the BDPros team.

In the first 90 days of the partnership, the BDPros team:


Refined and combined several lists of data to obtain a clean list of contacts which were loaded into the CRM the BDPros team implemented.

Over 150 new/updated contacts were identified.


Pricing was provided to 19 clients for orders and 2 clients were set up with discounted order agreements.

Located 3 new machine purchase opportunities.

$1MIn Opportunities

Built a pipeline over $1,000,000 in opportunities.

$64K+In Closed Deals

Over $64,000 in closed business.