Financial Services

Several members of the BDPros team met a commercial banker at a networking event.

The commercial banker shared that the bank was opening additional branches and they were working to increase awareness in those regions to drive new business. The commercial banker had minimal time to locate new business while still closing deals and supporting current clients.


BDPros provided outbound sales activities to schedule meetings for the commercial banker to assist in increasing the banker’s client base.


With a list provided by the bank and the consistent refining of contacts, phone numbers, and email addresses, BDPros set meetings for the commercial banker.


Shortly after the partnership began, the community bank was acquired by a larger financial institution. BDPros worked with the commercial bankers to continue our partnership under new ownership.


To ensure continued partnership success, BDPros worked with the commercial lender to present the benefits of a partnership to the acquiring financial institution’s corporate management.
Corporate was impressed with the work done and pipeline growth attained through the previous engagement (prior to acquisition) and vetted our services.
BDPros provided a corporate agreement which was approved, and we began providing sales support for additional commercial lenders.
We continued to reach out and schedule qualified meetings for the commercial lender we initially partnered with as well as additional loan officers.


The success of the initial partnership with one commercial lender translated well into support for additional lenders and bank officers. BDPros created growth that profoundly impacted the bank’s ROI. With the continued outbound sales efforts and the implementation of BDPros’ sales process management and support methods, the financial institution experienced:

$3.631MIn Closed Business
$1.81MLoans Approved Pending Underwriting

Our collaboration has increased market awareness for this community bank and supported growth as they opened additional locations.

151Total Meetings Scheduled